Public Statement on 3-Way Partnership

Michael Hancock of Harbour Ambition makes a public statement following the publishing of a BCP Council Cabinet report on the potential future purchase of Poole Power Station site.

“Harbour Ambition applaud the proposal for BCP Council to purchase the former Power Station Site. In particular, the ambitions for affordable housing, exemplar sustainability innovation and creating a truly vibrant neighbourhood. We wish to highlight however, that the report does not include the option of a 3-way partnership between BCP Council, the Private Sector, and a Community Led Development Organisation. We have identified funding options to support an innovative and collaborative master planning and consent process, reducing the need for further Council funding. We would encourage the Council to add this to the list of options for further detailed consideration.”

The above is referenced at 13:20 in the video of the meeting.

Mark Howell – Portfolio Holder for Regeneration responds during an Overview & Scrutiny Meeting on May 18th at 6pm referanced the statement made by saying:

“Can I just recognise Mr Hancock’s statement that was read out at the start of the meeting.  The report puts down two possible options in terms of development of the site. But certainly, I would love to see a community involvement as well. This should be about creating a community, and therefore if we can work with community partners that would be great.”

The above is referenced at 39:55 in the video of the meeting.